The curtain has fallen on SAASCON23, a gathering that epitomised the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and resilience within the bustling SaaS community. As we reflect on this remarkable event, we acknowledge both the highs and the challenges that painted a vivid picture of our collective commitment to the world of B2B SaaS.

The Pros: Unleashing Creativity and Connection

The conference witnessed the powerful unity of the community, igniting a spark of creativity that left a lasting impression. The ingenuity of our booth participants was evident in the little delights they offered attendees, from coffee and beer stalls courtesy of CmdK and Touring Capital, to Stripe’s clever tea-infusing mugs and DevRev’s abundant spinwheel giveaways. Fable brought a touch of nostalgia with a Super Mario challenge that left attendees engaged and entertained.

Creativity also took center stage among attendees, with many crafting personalized t-shirts that showcased not just their company but their identity. The crowning jewel was Ishan, a founder who ingeniously stitched a tab with rolling slides into his shirt – a true embodiment of innovative thinking.

Throughout, the essence of investing in enriching experiences shone brightly, encapsulating the core ethos of the event.

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Investor Passes: Fostering Purposeful Connections

The introduction of paid investor passes was a strategic move, yielding remarkable outcomes. Unlike the previous year when free passes resulted in diverse yet less relevant participants, this year’s paid passes attracted investors truly committed to the B2B SaaS arena. The outcome was evident in the multitude of meaningful conversations, with over 10 significant interactions progressing to multiple meetings.

Remarkably, this surge in focused interaction occurred despite maintaining the same number of participating firms as the previous year, hinting at a projected growth of at least 20% for the upcoming editions.

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Quality Conversations: A Mark of Progress

The SaaS Insider team’s meticulous vetting process paid dividends, elevating the overall quality of participants. The carefully curated audience significantly enhanced the quality of conversations, fostering an environment conducive to learning, sharing, and growth.

The Cons: Navigating Challenges

Despite the triumphs, challenges did arise, a testament to the unpredictable nature of event execution.

Booth Layout and Weather Woes: Unexpected rain predictions forced a shift in the original booth layout. While the new layout provided coverage, structural limitations led to reduced space between booths. As the conference approached, the predicted rains gave way to strong winds, resulting in an eventful weather experience.

Inadequate Breakout Stage Visibility: An experimental design for breakout stages featuring TVs instead of screens faced feedback on limited visibility for the rear audience. Future editions will see larger screens to ensure a seamless experience for all attendees.

Key Decisions Shaping Our Path

Balanced Spending: We committed to optimizing spending on venues, prioritizing the essence of the event over extravagant settings. Our focus is on allocating resources effectively to amplify the impact of SaaS Insider's initiatives. Our decision to move to Royal Orchid from pricier options aligns with our mission to channel resources purposefully.

SaaS Insider App Unveiled: SAASCON23 marked the launch of the SaaS Insider app, a monumental step towards fostering a super app for the SaaS community. While the launch was a milestone, we acknowledge the need for refining the app's performance, addressing bugs, and improving its overall functionality. The app's goal is to empower founders across networking, deals, events, and fundraising realms.

Key Takeaways: Global Engagement and Investment Nexus

Investor Network Expansion: SAASCON23 welcomed the participation of over 10 investment firms from around the globe. With Powerhouse teams flying in from Singapore and San Francisco, January Capital and Decacorn representing Singapore, and SoftBank Vision Fund connecting with Touring Capital (Launching Soon), the event fostered invaluable connections with overseas investors.

A Global Tapestry: The event's global footprint was evident with 50+ attendees hailing from overseas. United States, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Dubai, Bangladesh, and more contributed to a diverse and enriching dialogue. The presence of AI veteran representatives from Meta further added to the international allure.

A Journey of Shared Commitment

SAASCON23 encapsulated the essence of a vibrant and interconnected community. It celebrated innovative thought, meaningful connections, and the spirit of learning. Our triumphs and the challenges we navigated are a testament to the collective strength that drives us forward. As we continue to cultivate environments that nurture growth and collaboration, we are excited for the future that lies ahead.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. Stay connected for more transformative experiences in the world of B2B SaaS.

With gratitude,

The SaaS Insider Team